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Exclamation Remember...

Hey, everybody.
Don't take this as me being angry, I'm not.
For the most part I'm putting this up
A) As a little comfort to people who hear hoofbeats and think zebras, not horses, like I do sometimes, and
B) To hopefully remind everyone to talk to a professional instead of self-diagnosing, which can screw with your mental health all on its own.

This post is mostly directed to the people who pop in, look at a list of vague symptoms and go, "I think I have schizophrenia :("
You do not.
Schizophrenia is not mild anxiety, or mild depression, or "sometimes I feel like someone's watching me". Everyone gets like that at some point in their life. Some people more than others.
Some people have depression or an anxiety disorder or something along those lines, but lumping that together with "one time I heard a noise but no one else heard it" and then diagnosing yourself with a shiny new disorder to romanticize is not schizophrenia.
A little bit of paranoia is normal. A little bit of anxiety or depression or anything is normal.
However, a disorder like PS is terrifying to cope with sometimes. I'm lucky enough to be mostly lucid throughout the day, but it still will leave you questioning the validity of everything and everyone around you. Not at the level of conjecture, not at the level of "what-if".
So please, PLEASE don't self-diagnose. If you really think you need diagnostics, talk to a therapist, even a school professional to start, but don't try to give yourself something because you think it'd be a cool thing to have or because it's "close enough". Most of us don't have the luxury of ditching this when it isn't edgy anymore.

Alright, that's it, and to those of you who aren't screwing around, all the best.

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