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Default Is it THAT bad?

I added this on to my other post about me starting cutting and all and how I could stop but I thought that this one could use its own thread so I just copied it onto here.

This is a little off subject but since I have your attention, please answer this question honestly. I often feel like I have a problem but that its not a big deal. Like with this, sure I have started this problem and I might need help but I feel like I'm exaggerating EVERY TIME I share my feelings. I almost feel like I don't have a problem and I need to grow up. I see much more serious problems people are having with stuff like depression and anxiety and think that my problem doesn't need to be addressed. I also see people mad online about people with 'depression' and think "I guess I'm just a loser that secretly follows a millennial trend." I really don't wanna use this phrase bc I know it's rude but I feel like a little bitch. That is literally the only way to explain it. I feel normal and act normal but have all of these problems as well. I already feel like a bitch for saying 'I feel' so many times in this post. I just don't feel like my problems are serious until they are ruling my life to such a degree that people might notice. even then, I don't stop I just hide it better. I live a COMPLETLY normal life as a completely normal guy. I literally even live a double private life in my mind with a normal (as normal as a private life can get I guess) private life and this. This stuff always feels out of place and very unlike me. Do you ever have this problem or one like it? Maybe I am a wimp. Maybe I just don't share my feelings a lot so I just feel out of place with this stuff. Maybe this is the reason people don't talk about their problems. I truly think that its because I hide so much stuff that I begin to believe a lie that I tell... But if I live that lie, would that mean that I then wouldn't have these problems that I have now since they are all in my head? I just know that I am really ok and really messed at the same time with all of these thoughts that I'm not addressing. I'm just... fine. That's the only way to explain it. Just fine.
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