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Hey, I know the thread is about 1-month-old but I can't stand it when people don't get a reply. I'm not an expert in this thing but I'm hoping I won't be completely useless

It sounds like you've been 'diagnosed' with a lot of things and that you're hearing voices inside your head. From looking at a little, have you considered the possibility of Schizophrenia? (Read more

It would probably explain the voices but I cant say for sure, I don't have a medical degree or anything near.

It's worth looking into to try and compare your symptoms. Hopefully by looking into things like this it'll help you to try and tell your psychologists what they need to know

This may sound a little extreme and off but it's still worth investigating; Multiple personality disorder?

The only reason I think of this is that it would also explain the voices, how different personalities could be accumulating. Each one could have its own disorder, like one of the ones you're currently dealing with. It seems pretty far-fetched but hey...
(Read more

I hope this has helped even if it's just a little.
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