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I want to suggest a concept for VT forums.

After a year of observance, I think certain movements in the newscycle, especially those affecting teens, need to have a huge community discussion group.

Issues like the #MeToo movement or deeper analysis into what we as a community think about various thinkpieces from other places online can be discussed. Some are discussing sexuality, but not always sometimes it's about suicide or other really big trending topics.

The reason I feel moderators and site admins should play a role is to maximize site-community discussion to get everybody's feedback on such issues.

This is to help combat posters who might not see the thread or discussion, because they tend to only operate in say hypothetically the "VT Arcade" or elsewhere on the site.

Hence the deeper-community response of the thread gets ignored more than it should.

I'm not saying we can force people to respond but to serious promote it so it perhaps gets more dicussion, and isn't shoeballed into a section of the forums limited exposure.
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