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Default Re: Masturbation Poll

Do you masturbate: yeah
How often: average of two or three times a day
Cut or uncut: uncut
Do you like it: yeah
Ever jacked off with friends: no not with other guys
Would you do it again:
Caught: yes
By who: my twin sister and my little sisters
Watch porn: yeah
What kind: anal, reverse gangbang, squirt
Size: 6 1/2 in

Can you cum: yeah
Pre-cum: yes
Shoot or dribble: shoot
How far can you shoot: 2 ft
How much do you cum: 4 tbs
Color: white

Do you have pubes: yes
How much: 7 out of 10
Shave: yes
Trim: yes
All natural: no

Rate Body Hair-

Legs: 8/10
Armpits: 5/10
Penis: 7/10
Butt: 6/10
Face: 4/10
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