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Default Re: Suicide Common Misconceptions, Information and Support

Yep... I remember after my attempts how I got called manipulative by my family and counselor. I over dos. my self a month later after the 4th one and damn near made it. I still get called a manipulative bitch because I'm still here. Honestly I just don't give a f*** about life any more. I'm still stuck in the same shitty household never does a day go by that I don't get called a fucking worthless monster or told ''i wish you were never born, I always knew u were a mistake'. I'm so sick of it, im sick of everything. No one wants to be friends with a girl covered in bruses and scars.
I do honestly know if I died there would be a celebration.

Sorry i just had to get that out. I'm glad I found this site, I have no friends in life or people to listen to me so its nice to get my complaining out somewhere

~I do not try to give advice as much as I do just point out facts as I have found people like to make their own decisions in life, not be told what one is best to make~

Please excuse my typos. I'm usually on my phone and it has issues.

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