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Some people laugh at everything because it's an "I nervous" laugh. It isn't that you think everything is funny so much, it's you don't know how to respond to various things. Maybe if you could focus on the situation at hand, it would help you to control your laugh. Put yourself it that persons place and imagine how you would feel if someone laughed at you. It sounds like when you were little you learned that when bad things were happening around you, somehow you wouldn't get hurt. I don't know but something triggered you into acting that way somewhere along the line. Maybe you should meet with a councelor for a couple of times and then maybe you'll find out why you do that. I'm not saying you are a whacko and you need therapy, but I am saying that there is a reason why that you over do it. When it's something that YOU can't control and it's something that is bothering you, then I would suggest talking to a professional about it. It could actually be dangerous if you laugh at the wrong person in a wrong way.
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