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Default Re: fragility

Actually I think it's a great day you continued the same thread. I've suggested that to other people to cause it helps keep all your thoughts in one place, in order, over a long period of time. And if dealing with any kinda emotional issues, never know, you might discover a trigger you wrote about over and over and never considered it anything.

Anyways back on topic.

Sounds like your pretty over whelmed about exams. I get like that to. When I do I just focus on one at a time. The first one gets everything till that exam happens, then the next one. Only one at a time.

But also to back up, and as things go forward, and you needs talk to someone, but can't get the words out? Print up this thread and just hand it to that person. They'll understand from that. They may not get it's you right away, but they'll get it.

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