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Originally Posted by somekindofsick View Post
I do keep trying to tell teachers at school and mentors but the second I go to try and say anything I physically can't get any words out. Then I'll get bad thoughts such as "if you tell xyz about this, then your [insert family member here] will be harmed. You don't want that, do you?" And it's the same voice echoing in my head every time but I have no clue what voice it is.
It is ok to be selfish for yourself at times you know. Besides, if your family loved you they will understand how hard it is for you to seek help. Also you can always try to gauge the teacher who are going to tell whether he/she will rat out on you or get you the help you need. If you still can't physically tell the teacher, how about writing a letter/essay explaining ur circumstances and then passing it personally to the teacher. It will probably be useful if you could arrange for a specific time slot so that the teacher will definitely be free then.

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