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Default Re: Should Trump be impeached?

Originally Posted by hayley2003 View Post
i read this on the internet the other day (may not be exact)

always deny
always deflect
always double down
always turn the tables on the victim, so they appear to be the liar.

its all about winning, not how you win.
It certainly explains the philosophy and honor code a lot of high profile business people use as well as in politics when scandal breaks. Roy Moore (republican Alabama Judge running for senate seat) also fits the bill here too as does Mr. Weinstein.

It also matches the darkside of an innocent until proven guilty court system...the design of it favors those who commit crimes and have enough monetary power and connections to cover it up.


But I hope you don't buy into the logic behind "perception is everything" it's a lie and it can hold up for a long time, but eventually it crumbles.
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