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Default Re: Girls&Boys 2017 Survey!

1.Gender? Boy/Male
2.Sexuality? Bi (You can tell in my signature)
3.What do you think of when you masturbate? Thinking about having sex with someone
4.When did you start masturbating? Around 6 years old,
believe it or not

5.How many times a day or week do you masturbate? Around 7 times
6.[Girls Question]Do you squirt every time you orgasm? ❌
7.[Girls Question]Do you orgasm every time] ❌
8.[Boys Question]Do you shoot very far when you cum? If I wait 24 hours to generate sperm, I shoot around 2 feet. But if I don't wait for 24 hours, it usually dribbles.
9.[Boys Question]What do you do with the cum when you've ejaculated? I usually do it in the toilet or shower, goes down the drain.
If I do it in my underwear, I hand wash it then put it in the washing machine.

10.Do you masturbate much even if you say or act like you don't to others? Not really.
11.[Boys Question]Is your cum white? Yeah, not opaque but pretty translucent
12.At high school around that age most people masturbate (girls and boys)...yes or no? Yes. I am in middle school, however i know some people who don't even know there is a such thing.

My name is Adrian, I am 13 years old, dunno if I am gay or str8 (I am probably more of straight). I am a geek, and I am proud of it. I love computers, and all kinds of nerdy technology.
Feel free to send me a friend request
And send me a private message.
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