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Default Re: Girls&Boys 2017 Survey!

1.Gender? Male
2.Sexuality? Straight
3.What do you think of when you masturbate? Anything
4.When did you start masturbating? 12
5.How many times a day or week do you masturbate? 1-3 times a week
6.[Girls Question]Do you squirt every time you orgasm?
7.[Girls Question]Do you orgasm every time]
8.[Boys Question]Do you shoot very far when you cum? No
9.[Boys Question]What do you do with the cum when you've ejaculated? Use tissue to clean up
10.Do you masturbate much even if you say or act like you don't to others? Yes
11.[Boys Question]Is your cum white? More clear and white
12.At high school around that age most people masturbate (girls and boys)...yes or no? Yes
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