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Default Re: Favorite Movies

Man, let me think...

City of Angels
- Reminds me of just how lucky I am to be alive.
Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas
- Just about the funniest shit ever made
Forrest Gump
- The only movie that always makes me cry.
Edward Scissorhands
- It's so different, I love it.
Interview With the Vampire
- Louis and Claudia were both portrayed EXACTLY what I saw them as in my mind when I first read the book.
Rock Horror Picture Show
- Come on, Tim Curry looks sexier in that outfit than most women would... seriously.
Fight Club
- My sister and I can't get enough... it's 'our' movie.
American History X
- Very important lessons entailed in this movie.
Queen of the Damned
- Love the music and Stuart Townsend as Lestat!
- David Bowie as Jareth... you can be my Goblin King any day
- No idea why, I just like it a lot.

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