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So I'm aware we already have a functioning chat room, but I thought it'd be cool to expand and create a Discord chat room.

For those who don't know, Discord is an application that is accessible for free from your iPhone, Android, Apple computer or PC. Discord has many features that are similar to Skype, but they're much better and it has a much more intriguing interface than Skype does.

Discord allows you to add friends while being able to create or be a part of channel-based groups. You're able to make text channels for each group based on the topic, and you can also make voice channels for specified topics.

You can create different ranks and give each rank a different color. It'd be super easy to differentiate staff members and other users. Their rank can come with a color and can be displayed on the right-hand side of the application, or there can be no visual difference. You can add and remove permissions from these ranks, too.

You can add tons of different bots. Some bots welcome players and play music. Others can search Pokemon using Google and become your very own Dungeons and Dragons dungeon master. You can personalize messages to make it your very own, too.

Discord is a reliable interface that would allow quick conversation between members of the forum. If you were in lunch, you could pull up Discord on your phone and check out what everyone on the group chat is talking about, and you could even ask questions!

If you'd like, I can make a Discord and then pass on the permissions to the moderators and administrators, then having them demote me to my rank. What do you guys think? is the application download, or you can search it up on your application store.

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