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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

I noticed when I was about 12 that I would look at guys and think that they were handsome, I kinda forgot about it for a while and even when I was fairly certain that I was gay I went out with a girl briefly, At the end of primary/elementary school I really started noticing that I was really attracted to other guys and that I would start viewing very soft/not even gay porn on the internet, I really noticed it in year 7 when I got a crush on this guy in my class ( I still have a massive crush on him) and that I was attracted to some other guys. I was also attracted to many straight friends. At the end of year 7 I came out to someone and it felt so fucking good to get it out; I felt really gay for the rest of the summer. My mum overheard me asking a friend if he was gay and she started questioning me about it; I told her that I wasnt sure but I never came out for sure to her, I will someday and I know that she will be 110% fine with it becasue my grandfather is also gay and nobody in my extended family has a problem with it. I recently told a girl in my class that I was gay and it was tons of fun talking about guys with her(for both of us). I want to come out publicly and maybe find a boyfriend once others get curious, I am really happy that I am gay and I am not ashamed of it
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