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Default Re: awkward situation about puberty with friend

Originally Posted by heymynameis View Post
last week i was getting changed for swimming in school and one of my friends saw me naked. i am the furthest into puberty in my year group btw. so my friend afterwards starting asking me all these questions about puberty and he took me into the toilet and showed me his dick (which was tiny) and said how did i get mine so big...he then kept on asking if he could feel it and later on, we were playing a game of football and he came up to me and punched my balls, obviously trying to feel them and touch them. i was on the floor in so much pain...i was in pain for the rest of the evening. then, the day after, i was in the changing rooms for Physical Education and he came up to me and tried to touch my penis. i stopped him and got really angry. he hasn't done anything since. what should I do? will this continue?

Yeah, there's a time and place for stimulation and experimentation between friends, but this is not it. He's crossed many lines here. As long as he doesn't continue, just keep the status quo. He's immature and wants his way. If he tries anything like that again without the proper respect, cut him off. Even if he starts out with what seems to be respect, be cautious in case he's just testing limits and will take a mile if you give him an inch.

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