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Default Re: Questions about masturbating

1. Do you use any sort of lube (spit, KY Jelly, etc.): occasionally spit
2. How long do you last with lube: shorter than when I don't use it
3. How long without: I usually edge so anywhere from 2 minutes to 8 hours
4. Do you ever touch your head or is it too stimulating? Yes of course
5. If you do touch your head what do you do ( rub, stroke, etc.): I was circumcised but I have enough skin to stroke my head.
6. How old were you when you first did it: I started masturbating at age 10
11. How often do you masturbate: Summer: Daily School year: 5 times a week
12. How often do you do it with friends? I used to do it every couple days with my best friend but he went off to college.

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