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Default Re: Urination-Significance -SURVEY

Originally Posted by angelina View Post
Do you know there is one test called urine speed test..many clinics conduct that one to diagnose a possible obstructions in the normal flow of urine.I already told that these were narrated by my aunt .so nothing is out of focus and weird. Moreover I am right if i say that these stuff can be shared between the girls of our age group only.
if you think otherwise you simply leave it as we do with some other threads.

Yea? well they never did that with me with the kidney stones and other stuff. I have had three different episodes of kidney stones. Got the first one when i was like 8 or so. All they asked was where the pain was and then took urine samples and blood tests. But they didnt ask all that kinda stuff you are asking. It just sounds a bit fetishy to me. I mean what difference do it make is clit shows when wizzing or not?
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