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Default Re: All about nudism / naturism

Originally Posted by NewLeafsFan View Post
Is there anything done to keep sexual predators away from nudist places?
Some do background checks before they allow you to visit. Otherwise, it's pretty easy to spot people that are creeps because they either do not get nude or they clearly are excited all the time or are just weird and don't generally last very long in the environment before they are ejected.

Originally Posted by Nights View Post
If someone gets a boner, is it awkward or natural for them?

I've gotten a boner while skinny dipping with girls, was traumatic.
How was it traumatic? And it's usually natural unless they are being annoying or threatening about it. Amongst friends, nobody really cares and may have a laugh but among strangers or by yourself with people, you don't know around you should usually cover up, go for a swim, or roll onto your tummy.

Originally Posted by jacob.neruda View Post
If naturism/nudism is about naturalness and suchlike, does that mean that involuntary erections aren't allowed? Also, where do you get a chance to go nude?
Involuntary erections depend on the context and each venue is different in how they prefer people handle them (no pun intended)

And I get a chance most of the year at beaches, homes, and resorts. I live in Florida

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