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Default Re: All about nudism / naturism

Originally Posted by rioo View Post
Would you like to share about Nudist Etiquette? at home or in social nudity experience.
and what the longest time you did not wearing clothes?
I've read some people here can go weeks or half month without clothes during holiday.

Home Etiquette and beach/resort can be a little different.


You always bring a towel to sit on no matter where you are.
When meeting new people it is natural to check them out but then you maintain eye contact as much as possible, which becomes natural.
Women/girls can wear bottoms at most places if they are on their period or simply cut the tampon string if they are worried about people seeing it.
Depending on age (later teens) guys are encouraged, if they get aroused, to cover up with a towel, roll over on their stomachs, or jump into the water. This doesn't happen as often as most people think but it can happen.
That's really about it.

Home etiquette can differ a bit.. mostly everything still applies but I've found guys are more likely to get an erection at home where they are comfortable just like non nudist boys do. Most families and friends understand this and don't require them to hide as long as they aren't being a weirdo with it.

I've gone about half a month or so during the summer at the house or on trips to nudist resorts/beaches

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