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Default Re: Why does tobacco cigarettes contain so many toxic additives?

Originally Posted by adtse View Post
I was learning about why smoking is bad for health in health class, and I learned that cigarettes contain many toxic additives. Some I remember include:
  • Cadmium
  • Nitro Benzene (Gasoline)
  • Mercury
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Lead
  • Ammonia
There were more but I don't remember. What is the purpose of all those additives anyways? I was also thinking, how many cigarettes does it take to get mercury poisoning?
Some sources say tobacco contains 40 cancerous substances. Also, having smoked like 5 packs in one day, I had no mercury poisoning. Coughed like I had TBC the next day though.

Originally Posted by adtse View Post
I heard that pure tobacco is better than cigarettes which contains lots of additives. And I heard that vape juice has the most additives (Don't know if that is true or not), though it has been said that vape does not create real smoke so it doesn't harm lungs as bad.
When grown that tobacco also has to get sprayed with chemicals, and like all farmed plants, it absorbs the chemicals from the soil too. Still, I preffered homegrown tobacco to cigsrettes.

Originally Posted by Dmaxd123 View Post
i would assume some of it is like others said, but would also assume some of it is because they need cheap fillers/binders

since tobacco isn't a food product they can get away with putting non-food stuff in them
Making it a food product would literally shut down the tobacco industry. A friend of my dad who was a math geek was offered a contract to calculate how much a given percentage of ex-smokers and non-smokers would want to smoke if they smell cigarette smoke. Do not exactly remember the equation, but it was something like that. Calculating how many new consumers you will get. It goes to show how much time and money the tobacco conglomerates have, when they can spend it on an equation like that which takes months to complete.

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