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Originally Posted by Anonymous2002 View Post
"Suicide isn't cowardly.
I'll tell you what is cowardly;
treating people so badly
that they want to end their lives"

- Ashley Purdey
What it is though is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

Life's a bitch, we all know that, but that doesn't mean we should allow that bitch to get the best of us. We all go trough bad times, we all have to ride this rollercoaster of destruction.

Life has so much more than just to reproduce. We should enjoy our lives, do the good things and forget the bad ones. Travel, explore, live. These things seem impossible to some people and they might seem the same to you but you should NEVER give up hope. Eventually life will get much better, and when it does you'll be so proud and glad you didn't end it yet.

You will then realise that giving up is not a solution. You will be able to make it trough, so many have been there and so many have gotten trough and you can do the same. Never give up hope and always look forward.

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