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Default Re: Do girls get bored with male nudity?

Well my g/f shows no sign of getting bored with seeing my cock. Then again I suspect that is because she is in love with me - the whole me, not just my cock. I think girls are, in general, less inclinded to be interest in random strangers nude than guys are.

Also, nudity and sex are not inextricably linked.

In a society where nudity in a public place is rare and in particular where nudity with both sexes present is rare, such that when people of the opposite sex are nude in each other's presence it is probably to have some kind of sex, it is easy to make the connection but the connection is not intrinsic.

Nudists don't spend all their time aroused and neither do people of those primitive tribes where nudity is the norm. What you have in this Japanese place is somewhere where although people don't walk down the street nude, in places where people have a reason to be nude they are not shy about it.
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