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Default involuntary bodily functions

Would it be considered a symptom of OCD to constantly worry about bodily functions that you cannot control, and try to control them? (breathing, swallowing, heartbeat, blinking) I have been diagnosed with having panic attacks/anxiety by a psychologist, but since I do not see her anymore I feel the need to find the answer to this question. It happens to me where suddenly I'll remember this obsession with swallowing or breathing and it'll consume my thoughts to the point where I can't concentrate on anything but that, and I'll need to leave and go somewhere to calm down. Very very uncomfortable when it happens at school, and even worse when it happens at dance (where I am for several hours a day) because exercise has aggravated the problem lately.

I think overall it's a fear of not being in control, because after exercising when my heart rate is up and my breathing is faster, it's hard to convince myself that it'll all return to normal in a minute (after all, think of the symptoms of a panic attack, they're very similar to how you feel after getting a lot of exercise.)

Anyways, I googled "obsession with bodily functions" and many many of the results had "OCD" in their title. Thanks ahead of time for any answers.
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