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Default Re: He went past my boundaries....

Thanks for the advice guys, here's just to clear a few things up:
I ended it with him 2 weeks ago, which is when he made those threats against me saying he was going to kill himself. He also said some very degrading things like he could have done better than me and he wasted his time. It's just been on my mind a lot, and I'll always feel to blame, it's who I am. He keeps harassing me and saying he wants me back. I was stupid and have agreed to meet up with him tomorrow, my parent's don't know though.
I didn't want this, any of this. I would give anything to go back and be stronger, but what's done is done. I hate myself for it because just like I can't be responsible for his actions, he can't be responsible for my decisions.

Trying to break free.
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