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Default He went past my boundaries....

I don't know. I was with him and things were getting heated, he went to further and I told him to stop. He did, but he went back. This kept happening and in the end I just let him do it. I had told him, I hate guys touching me in any way, I always have. I also told him about my nightmares, the nightmares I used to have so often about this. But still he kept asking me. Prior to this he kept asking too, like it shouldn't be a problem. Then, when asking didn't work he just went ahead and did it, assuming it would be okay. If I didn't agree he would ignore me, or get frustrated and then complain about how suicidal he was feeling and that he would hurt himself if I didn't make him feel better. If I was feeling depressed he wouldn't care, he would claim what he was doing was ''To make me feel better.''
I still let him do it though. I said stop and he did, but he came back. Instead of saying stop again I just gave up. I feel like it's my fault, just so stupid and weak.

Trying to break free.
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