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Default Ending a relationship with someone who is intertwined in every part of your life

So I am kinda stuck. I've been in a relationship with this guy for a little over 3 years and our lives are pretty mixed up together. We have the same friend groups, he helps out my family with a variety of things, and we even work at the same place (where I got him a job a little over a year ago.) I know I love him but recently I've been on the fence about how happy I actually am and if I should end it. The longer I think about it the more I think I will be happier but I also feel like I'm trapped. He's the one I go to to talk to because I don't have a ton of friends so I know I'd miss that aspect most of all. There's a lot of information I could say regarding the relationship but the issue I'm having is how to get out if I fully decide that's what I want. I guess where I'm getting at is that I don't know how to end things with him because he's in most parts of life. Does anyone have any words of advice?
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