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Default Re: is it right to watch porn

I think you have to make your own judgement on that.

There is a Christian teaching that it is wrong to lust after a woman who is not your wife but to me that seems in keeping with much of the rest of the bible which is very much anti-adultery. In modern times this is often interpreted as it being wrong to have sex, or in this case even imagine having sex, with someone else who is, like you, free and single but I am not sure that was how it was originally intended. I think in biblical times people just weren't free and single because puberty was later and marriage was earlier so at that time if one had sexual desires he would also have a wife to satisfy them so there was no need for the bible to address the case of the horny teen.

Some people complain that porn encourages women to be seen as sex objects rather than complete people and some even suggest this drives rape. I did see an article, though, that found that as access to the Internet improved throughout America the rate of rape went down. (inverse correlation) It could be, of course, that men all over America were watching TED talks but the author of the article suggested instead that they could live out their fantasies watching porn and didn't need to force a real woman.

I have also seen a TV programme that found that many of the people in front of the camera have rather broken lives in so far as also being involved in drugs and/or prostitution. You have to decide for yourself if you think watching porn causes the supplier to exploit people like than and make their situation worse or whether they would probably still do the drugs and prostitution just without the money from porn.
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