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Default Re: is it right to watch porn

Originally Posted by Just JT View Post
I don't think porn is a sin, wrong, or bad. I actually think it's health. Helps you kinda work out sexual fantasies you may not truly be able to.

But also keep in mind, porn isn't real, it's fake sex and it's all an act, and that's it

Also, it has to leave nobody hurt, and be consensual. If it's not, then it's bad

Originally Posted by azurzg View Post
There is no right answer to your question. I watch porn and I do not feel guilty about it. There's porn that I find disgusting. There's porn I find exciting.
JT makes a good point that we have to remember that porn is NOT REAL. It is produced to excite and to provide fantasies. Also, like Azur said some of it is really disgusting but again that is all an individual choice.

I am a twin, 18 -- gay and proud. Would love to talk to all you guys in here. Very open to discuss things and like to talk to new friends.
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