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Originally Posted by monkeylover
Hey Double Negitive,
By crazy I think Run Away Molly means out of control and getting help means talking to your parents and asking them to get you an appointment with a doctor who specializes in OCD.
I have OCD and if I were you I would take the advice even if it is just a false alarm it is better to get the help sooner than later. Believe me!
Yes, I know she means out of control, I think I might be Obsessive Compulsive, not retarded . I meant, how could it get out of control, what would happen, how would it be threatening, and at what magnitude (i.e. life threatening?) And by what would help involve, I don't mean what to do to get help, but in would I be put on medication, have a psychologist or what? Sorry about how vague I was before, It was early in the morning, and I hadn't slept... happens a lot, now that I think of it, is this another sign of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

EDIT: I took checklist from the pinned topic... I didn't even realize some of the things I did were Obsessive Compulsive symptoms eh... 17 in all

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