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Exclamation Dissociative identity disorder??

I didnt know were else to post this. I dont know if I have this or not, but does it sound like I have it? - People tell me ive said or done things that I cant remember. Im always tired, I get headaches and other random body pain. I know I cut, because I see the marks on my skin, but I cant remember doing it. I feel as if im watching myself do things, as if im looking at another person and have no control, I blank out. Alot. Sometimes people call me by another name. Katt, katernia Or swear they know me..but ive never seen them before. I hear someone talking to me, when no one else is in the room. The voice sounds like me, but different. I cant remember parts of the day, like little holes in my memories. When I look in the mirror sometimes I dont reconize the person.

Idk what to do about this. I didnt even know that dissociative identity disorder was possible until yesterday. Help?
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