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Default Re: Things that really bother me....

Originally Posted by Karkat View Post
Yup. Or they will turn the COMPLETE opposite way, out of nowhere, and go "ahh, you're probably just exaggerating". Ah yes, this coming from the person who didn't want to work on their homework or whatever two minutes ago and wrote it off as "Ah, I'm so ADHD".
Originally Posted by thatgothgirluknow View Post
personally what annoys me is that people think that ocd is only being a neat freak ive even herd people call it obbsesive cleaning disorder
I definitely get these two aspects, I almost feel like I can't tell people because they won't take me seriously. I've had people reply "oh yeah, I have it too, I am such a neat freak" and stuff like that, which is fine, but it sort of makes me feel like they don't really believe me, or don't think it's a serious thing. Like I'm talking about just needing to put stuff away or something. And then I don't want to explain myself, about the misconception that it's about being clean, because...I don't know. I'm just glad I'm not alone in feeling this way. It's weird, some of the people I've come across treat "being OCD" like a trend, or something. It makes me feel weird, like my struggles with it are invalid. But I know they don't mean any harm. (:
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