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Default Re: Questions about bit of everything.

1. How I should masturbate , to feel pleasure / cum ?

Check out Jackinworld.

2. How do I need to measure my penis? With just "Ruler"?

If the ruler is long enough. AFAIK the standard measurement is along the top from your pelvis to the tip and done while erect as soft size varies for the same person depending on hot and cold. Beware of comparing with some of the measurements on here or indeed elsewhere on the Internet - some people seem to have trouble using a rule, confuse cm and inches or just guess or post the size they'd like to be.

3.I have a lot of Pubic Hair , how do I shave it?

I have never tried myself.

4. How do I properly wash my Penis?

Personally whenever I have a shower I pull back the foreskin and direct the water there to wash any accumulation away. In a bath I pull back the skin and wiggle it about a bit. Opinions seems divided on soap but if you do use any don't use very much or it can irritate.
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