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Default Re: Questions about bit of everything.

Originally Posted by JunJoSi View Post
Yes, I'm too ashamed to ask these questions my dad/ friends. I'm sorry If these questions were asked many times, and these qs maybe stupid for you all . But let's start.

1. How I should masturbate , to feel pleasure / cum ?
2. How do I need to measure my penis? With just "Ruler"?
3.I have a lot of Pubic Hair , how do I shave it?
4. How do I properly wash my Penis?

For the start that's all the things that I could think up and would like to now
1. You'll have to figure that out for your self, try the internet for ideas
2. Please up on your pubic bone and measure from there to the shaft
3. It is your pubes, it is your decision, if u want to see which you like best try trimming or shaving to see if u like it
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