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Default After everything, i thought i was stronger then this... need help asap

It feels like im falling, I'm breaking, hitting the ground hard as people chip away at me, as parts of me fall away, as i shatter inside into a thousand pieces.Things are so bad, they always have been but i didnt think id hit the floor quite this hard, every day it takes all of my effort for me just to get out of bed but they just cant see they cant see how bad things are how hurt i am how badly im falling apart, breaking down, analysing every movement, every breath every step, every second of every day. Its driving me insane looking at the people around me knowing that im killing them as well as myself. But theyre not in anywhere near as deep as i am. I cant cope anymore I want to break free everyones asking me what i need, i dont know what i need, i dont know how to get help, how to make things better, if only i could. It feels like im dying as the parts of me break away, they die, a part of the old me gone never sure if i will ever get it back.
I have a counselling appointment in a few weeks but what do i do in the meantime i cant manage school i just cant.
It feels like its all over. Someone help me. Please.
I cant see any other way out anymore...
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