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Default My abuse, My life, My nightmare.

Well its time to come out and talk about all of the things that have tortured me for years.

Ill start of from when I was born, I was suppose to be a miscarriage, but instead I ended up being born with a rare blood disease that 1 in 7 million people get (lucky huh) and I also was born with no seritonin in my brain. They cured the blood disease when I was 3 which was too late, I now have full blown arthritis in 99% of my body, and IF it does come back in the future all of my organs will shut down and ill die instantly.

When I was 7 up till about the age of 13 I was sexually abused by my older step brother, then at 14 when I got my first girlfriend I thought things were going to get better because I was always put down at school and rejected by all the girls, well things were going good for about 3 weeks but I noticed she was always talking to herself and I couldn't understand why. Well it was getting close to a month and I finally got to stay the night and watch movies with her, and I fell asleep on the bed watching a movie and woke up to her holding a knife saying that she had to do this or they would get her, and I kept asking who, and she said the voices in her head (which now I know she is schitzophrenic) and she told me to take of my clothes so I did.. And she got on top of me holding the knife to my throat and said she was going to have sex with me and resisted and tried getting up, so she moved the knife down to my manhood and said that I didn't have a choice, but I thought it must be a joke so I tried getting up again and she cut a 3 inch gash on the side of my manhood, and this point I'm crying in pain and just did what she said from then out.. It was not pleasant and to this day it makes me cry.

As I got older I was still scared of girls, and I started dating some and girls kept making me feel bad about not having sex with them and kept pushing me and pushing me so I just let them do whatever, I didn't want to fight anymre after what had already happened..

My family hasn't helped me much either, they all just put me down and make me feel worse for everything that has happened... But yeah this is some parts of my life that make things hard to handle for me..

Who are we to judge one another, for their is a larger picture that people always overlook, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

For people who are thinking of suicide please follow this link:
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