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Question Not sure if she is interested, please help

Okay, well basically I have this friend of mine that i have known for around 3 years, we met up during an athletics meet and it basically escalated from being friends to meeting up full time at least 1 or twice a week. She is a few months older than me and now she has moved into my school as a sixth former as she is in the year above, which basically means i see her every day. We sometimes just chat, and a lot of the time we text, almost every night for at least 30 min.

Now i want to know if whether she actually has any feelings for me, as when she first met me she had to ask one of her friends to get my number, then it sort of went quiet, we talked around once every month and it stayed that way until around 1 year ago where we have been meeting up for functions and the like. Now that we can meet up basically anytime, we tend to go to the park and just talk for an hour or more, and she has now made it a point of hugging me. Also last time we met she was fairly comfortable with rubbing her face along mine due to me having a slight amount of stubble.

I like her and would not mind spending time as her boyfriend or even as a friend with benefits, but like i mentioned earlier i have no idea if this is her actually liking me or just being friendly, i will gladly provide more details to anyone if they could help me come to a decision as to whether i should "confess" as i like her too, or if i should just leave it as is, as she is basically the person who had helped me with my depression earlier.
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