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Default Re: Self Harm Calendar

Originally Posted by thePianoMan View Post
Declan, you can talk to us, bud. If you aren't comfortable talking to all of us, I'm sure any one of us will talk to you privately (I know I will). You're a great guy with a lot of stuff going on in your life. I hope you find a different release other than self harm. None of us want you to hurt yourself. Keep talking to people, bud, ok?
Like Jared said, we are here for you, Declan. Believe it or not we happen to care for you and want to help talk you through your problems and lead you away from self-harm. Self-harm doesn't get rid of the problem, infact it makes things worse by avoiding the problem and hurting yourself in the process. I know too many people who have gone down that path and it has only led them to a life of disappointment... Remember, people are here for you.

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