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Default Re: Words with Friends

Aren't friendly arguments the best? She is still my girl btw <3 (6/24/2017)

@The Special One

[The Special One] tbh I like clean production
[Amethyst Rose] Get some of this
[Amethyst Rose]
[The Special One]
[The Special One] or this
[The Special One] :3
[Amethyst Rose] Scary Bram :3
[Amethyst Rose] How about
[Amethyst Rose]
[Amethyst Rose] Yessssss this girl
[The Special One] My ears
[The Special One] Hurt
[The Special One] jk jk :3
[Amethyst Rose] She is my girl, you take that back or else :3
[The Special One] It's pop music though :p
[Amethyst Rose] Take it back or I will make my song of the day threat metal free
[The Special One] thread* :p
[The Special One] but, it's an opinion :3
[Amethyst Rose] If I say it it's fact... Sound familiar?
[The Special One] Only Bram can say those things
[Amethyst Rose] Noooo no, I'm the exception
[The Special One] nononono no exceptions
[Amethyst Rose] But...but...but why not? ;-;
[Amethyst Rose] I demand an answer
[The Special One] Because Bram
[The Special One] :3

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Gawd dammit the mods r so cruel.
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I just food and I still have a hungry.
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Satan was kicked out for being different
God must be a republican
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