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Default Re: Words with Friends

Something more recent (5/27/2017):


[Amethyst Rose] I have the most outrageous thing to tell you
[Elysium] tell me
[Amethyst Rose] So you know those Coin Star machines where you exchange coins for bills?
[Elysium] no
[Amethyst Rose] Oh. Well I went to one of those because I had a shitload of change
[Amethyst Rose] And there was an accessibility feature for people who can't see the touch screen right?
[Amethyst Rose] So my mom selected it and nothing happened
[Amethyst Rose] Here's where the story gets good
[Elysium] i'm listening
[Amethyst Rose] She then tells me, "Hey, there's braille on it!"
[Amethyst Rose] So I proceed to read it and what does it say?
[Amethyst Rose] "Please ask for assistance"
[Elysium] lmao how helpful
[Amethyst Rose] What the actual fuck
[Amethyst Rose] I mean seriously?
[Elysium] you want to know the worst thing?
[Elysium] my grandmother was once in the hospital post gall bladder removal or something and I went to visit her with my mom, aunt, and cousin
[Elysium] and there's little plaques with the floor number and directions and whatever
[Elysium] except that they have braille *painted* on
[Elysium] like *totally flat* braille
[Elysium] it's literally just little black dots
[Elysium] i still have not been able to figure that one out and it's been at least 3 years
[Amethyst Rose] I'm not done
[Elysium] oh whoops
[Elysium] sorry
[Amethyst Rose] And omfg
[Elysium] lmao
[Amethyst Rose] I thought nothing could get worse than the fact that there's braille on drive-up ATM machines lmao
[Elysium] *shrug*

"The question is, what color will everything be at that moment when I come for you? What will the sky be saying?" ~Death, from The Book Thief
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