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Default Words with Friends

No, this is not about the game Words with Friends. In this thread I'll post fragments of conversations with my lovely VT friends that I don't want to forget, and similar things.

So the first is actually from a thread that is now nonexistent for personal reasons, but I saved this post.

@Just JT

Originally Posted by Just JT
Hope it's ok to post here it's just something I wrote over this past night. I'm kinda laid up, and on some really cools meds, and this one flying visitor I can't tell if he's real or a hallucination

If you need to delete then that's fine

I am so hi, I think he'll die
He's a fly, and I'm so hi
I sit alone all broken hearted
My seasons early end, it's now departed
It hurts so much i need the prescription
I think he's my past seeking retribution
It's 3 am, I want to sleep
But no, you just want to be a creep
You land on my nose and get me pissed
Then off you go, to see what ear wax you missed
I go to the bathroom to leave my constitution
I want my privacy, you need to pay restitution
The house is so quiet, not a creature is stirring
But you my little friend, you need some burning
I get hungry with all this excitement
I look in the fridge for relief and delightment
You fly by to see what's new
I invite you in, let's see if the light blew!!
I have been really hot, I'm told it's a symptom
It's so cold in here, God help to not to miss this temptation
You like it to, I can see that you like it
Plenty of food, all I need is a blanket
Cooling off and coming down now
I come to me senses and wonder how?
I close the door, that'll kill him
He might get some food, that'll fuckin' teach'm
It's only the fridge, I'll wash the fruit
After all, he stole my loot

My sleep and sanity for one night
Man, I hope he put up a fight

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Gawd dammit the mods r so cruel.
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I just food and I still have a hungry.
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Satan was kicked out for being different
God must be a republican
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