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Default Re: VT should get a Discord

The whole Discord thing isn't really something VT community will benefit much from in the long run, in my opinion.

Sure Val or any other staff member cannot do anything against a member creating any private discord servers. But if those unofficial VT servers will be advertised here...senior staff would become responsible to a certain degree if they allow linking from the official site. And this responsibility issue could become a problem once those discord servers lead to cyber mobbing etc.

If there is no official moderation of the discord servers, forum rules wouldn't matter there and become nonexistent.
So I feel unofficial servers will just lead to continuations of threads which were stopped here for turning inappropriate, off topic or into fights getting out of hand....

Another thing I see is breaking the community up into "private clubs" where it is more convenient to talk since no staff members are around will lead to the decline of the site.

A couple of days ago people complained that the site needs more traffic since it is this light removing discussion and chatting between senior members off site will lead to newbies feeling the site isn't frequented a lot.
It would be counterproductive to move traffic from the site or official chats to private discord servers, wouldn't it?

So, whatever chatting and creating of discord servers a member does off site hasn't to do anything with VT and would be out of staff's control...but officially promoting it...I'd see that as a problem.
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