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Default Re: VT should get a Discord

Originally Posted by xXl0sth0peXx View Post
We could potentially have moderation powers in a discord chat, so it's not so much even that that is the issue.. But from that discord chat, you can get someone else's discord and start a private chat for them, and I foresee this being extremely abused. It defeats the purpose of the chat rule of not exchanging contact info.. And once those chats turn private, we have no moderation, we have no idea what's going on. It's kind of like why we have instant messaging disabled on the current chat.
I think you are over-thinking this. First, we are not suggesting replacing chat with Discord. Chat would continue to exist as a free-for-all platform. Secondly, we would just need to moderate a group server. If users want to personally chat, they would do that entirely separate from VT. There is no need for you or the staff to manage off-site communication between users, which is exactly what private Discord conversation's would be. Do you feel the need to moderate conversations when two users exchange Skype accounts? Of course not, because that isn't your business. The same thing applies here.

If someone wants to make a discord group for VT, that's totally fine. I know there's already smaller discords, just like there were smaller skype groups back in my early days. They can't necessarily be "official" but they can (and probably already do) exist for sure.
but no one wants the admins in their chats about vt lmao
That is essentially all I'm asking. I'm not even trying to connect it to the chat, I would like it to be it's own separate thing. And while it would be nice to have the staff's blessing and do something more official, perhaps one day when I have time I'll look into an unofficial Discord community.
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