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Default Re: VT should get a Discord

i am in objection to this honestly. In theory, yeah, it sounds like a good idea, but honestly, it has the potential to turn sour fast.

We could potentially have moderation powers in a discord chat, so it's not so much even that that is the issue.. But from that discord chat, you can get someone else's discord and start a private chat for them, and I foresee this being extremely abused. It defeats the purpose of the chat rule of not exchanging contact info.. And once those chats turn private, we have no moderation, we have no idea what's going on. It's kind of like why we have instant messaging disabled on the current chat.

To go on the suggestion of limiting it to users with 100 or 500 posts, that's not fair at all. Chat has always been something for all VT users to enjoy and partake in. This isn't fair to be like "you can't talk with us", and will probably only more encourage spamming to hit post counts. In addition, we'd have to carefully moderate and look at every user who joined, with usernames different than their VT usernames to make sure people are appropriately joining, because we don't have the integration to alleviate that. Would this be by invitation only? Would we have a link publicly listed?

The fact is I (and we) are well aware of the current chat situation. We know that Java is fucked and access to chat right now is so limited. Believe me, having paid ____$$ for it, it's a lot of money that has been spent on something that isn't usable anymore, and that fucking sucks. We have the new html chat that we've been working with, and it's a future possibility to come in to overtake the current chat. I can't say anything else, because then everyone will start quoting me around the forums and saying I promised things that hiccuped, but it's in the works, and will be so much easier to use.

If someone wants to make a discord group for VT, that's totally fine. I know there's already smaller discords, just like there were smaller skype groups back in my early days. They can't necessarily be "official" but they can (and probably already do) exist for sure.
but no one wants the admins in their chats about vt lmao

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