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Default 1000 thoughts @ one time.

i'm going insane right now.
there are so many thoughts going through my head.
i dont even know who my real friends are anymore.
i found out me "best friend" brittayn, whos been my best friend since i moved here,
is a lying, backstabbing, twofaced bitch.

For the last month i found out she has been spying on me for my ex boyfriend.
she told him the list of every single guy i've hooked up with (he already knows the nubmer of guys but didnt knwo who)
including the guy that took advantage of me two years ago, the guy that ruined my metal state at the time.
but get this, she left out the fact that he toook advantage of me (everyone that knows, knows that he did) so yea THANKS YOU FUCKING BITCH.
then she lied about one guy i slept with.
and then last night she went out and hung out at my ex's place.
and he tried to have sex with her, but instead they only made out.
fucking cunt.
she always macks my ex's.
this is the last straw.
she tried to tell my ex my panic attacks are fake.

i have a million thoughts.
im going to beat the SHIT out of her in front of all her friends.
i've put up with her bullshit for way to long for me to let this fly.
shes going to get whats coming to her.

W a r n i n g: Too Many Thoughts Could Lead To An Explosion.

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