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Default Re: Florida school shooting

Originally Posted by DragonflySphere View Post
It's sad to know that people are willing to do this sort of crap. It's even worse knowing that was the 18th shooting for the year. There needs to be some tighter security and harsher penalties for those who break the law. As to victims who are left with mental, emotional and physical scars, I wish you all the best.
To be fair it's more like the 8th shooting that fits this criminal behavior profile.

The 18th number is a inflated number also counting accidental discharges of guns, as "mass shootings".

So I wish the media would correct this #18 crap it hurts their credibility.

But still 8 mass shootings is WAY to much.

School lockdown policy and procedures would be more effective if it was just a knife, a knife can't hurt ppl through locked doors....

So that's why the knive crime statistics from other countries that have anti-gun policies and laws isn't a fair comparison.

In real life remember to give this rebuttal because they always counter you in debate with this.
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