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Originally Posted by Tom55 View Post
This younger generation has no values or morals. Children learn what they are taught. If it isn't taught it isn't learned. Everything a child sees or hears teaches them something. If they have no values or morality whose fault is that? Many seem too engrossed in video games, movies, etc. that show the use of weapons but not the reality of the aftermath. Then too, parents seem oblivious to what effect this has on teens and pre-teens. Personally, there should be more control on the violence included in video games, etc. The reality of war and violence is much different than what they see on a computer or movie screen. My parents never let me have toy guns, war video games or other stuff. And I thank them so much.
That’s part of the problem though and academic studies have not found a correlation as simple to say media like violence in video games and movies contributes to this.

However when it comes to news media talking about people who do these crimes it should be against FCC policy for media companies to show the shooter’s face. People who do this need to be censored the F out of any illusion of notoriety.

People who do these kinds of things do them because they’re sick, they want attention because they feel like their the victim their whole life as they commit the crime it feels empowering to them.

So these situations call for a complete and total revamp of both the first and second amendments to the US constitution with regards to free press when it comes to these stories and also the concept that more comprehensive background checks violate the right to bare arms.


So let’s understand why these events happen, because I’m seeing a lot of “I don’t understand why this happens” responses.

These events occur due to a mix of factors of how USA’s society teaches are important qualities to have in life:

1. Wealth
3. Fame
4. Being handsome, talented, or beautiful
5. Lack of mental health services and program being funded
6. Emphasis on the individuals relative to others.

7. Sacredness of the ideology of the 2nd amendment and even surpreme court rulings, blocking creative and realistic research solutions to analyzing the flow of weapons and how they end up in bad hands and involved in crime statistics. The counters to why we shouldn’t examine changes to this amendment are only ideological they aren’t pragmatic, they’re excuses to dodge a hard discussion:

1. oh your politicizing the issue

2. Oh it’s too soon let the families grieve

Well the truth is those families NEVER HEAL; discuss the issue fix the foundation of why tragedies like this take place or at the very least reduce their prevalence.

It’s also a breakdown of zero tolerant school policies on discipline and how communities are addressing bullying as well. Do they follow-up with students they suspend or expell? Are they addressing contributing factors with the student body to address that by bullying they do run the risk of endangering their school....don’t tempt a lion or bully on social media.

Law enforcement also messed up because we now know a YouTuber did report this shooter’s comments from his channel and the FBI did not respond or follow up properly.

This tells me that website companies and operators need to work closely with law enforcement so tracing real people behind username accounts becomes much easier on Patriot Act grounds.

VT as a website is also not immune to this as I remember some VT posters also making such comments, and I am curious about transparency and site policy of when people such as Val will cross that line and contact law enforcement. Also this is why I think it’s important that we know why so and so was banned and who was really harassing members of our community.

But this affects the top 20 social media services and cross-moderation among all those platforms must also exist. Right now that infrastructure doesn’t exist!

So any bill needs to look at the second amendment to see if it is modern, we need to look at the first amendment and see how media gives fame to perpetrators of such crime and if censorship is appropriate.

There’s a LOT of stuff that needs to be in one giant legislative bill, and it’s possible schools need federal funding for an Air Marshal type security program and we all have to get security pat downs daily. In every school’s design in terms of architecture needs to have bulletproof glass like the best armored money trucks have.

We need this discussion it must approach the topic beyond the initial trauma and it can hold nothing sacred beyond debate.

If someone makes a false equivocation or red herring, call em out by name.

This is why school teaches us critical thinking skills and persuasive essay skills....this is the fight of our time!

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