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Bans are uncommon occurrences here on VT. As long as you don't come here intentionally spamming, you are in almost no fear of a ban.

While I am critical of some of the arguable authoritarian-like rules and their implementation (or lack of, in the case of P101), they don't exist just to spite people. There are reasons why each and every rule exists. In the case of backseat moderating, it is to prevent flame wars and conflicts. I will admit that this rule is enacted too strictly in most cases, but simply coming here and claiming that the rules are "stupid" and the mods are ban-happy is not helping your cause. If you want change, then you have to do more than rant angrily. Remember, this is coming from a person who agrees mainly with you that the rules are over-reaching, so you can't say I'm taking the mods' side here.

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