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Name: Jacob
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Default Re: Introduction Survey!

First Name: Jacob
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Location: Melbourne, AU
Orientation: Not sure... bisexual, I suppose (but I prefer girls, both sexually and romantically -- so, "bisexual" might not be sufficient)
Religion: Agnostic (or, at least rejecting the notion of an anthropogenic god)
Do you have any siblings? Yes, one sister.
If so, how old? 12
You guys have a good relationship? Yes
Do you have any pets? Some dogs
If so how many and what kind? Two mutts, I think they are part-Whippet and part-Jack Russell
What are some of your hobbies? Writing, reading, watching films, surfing, and cycling.
What are some of your talents? I'm lucky to be quite good at writing and at history.
What makes you happy on a bad day? I like to talk to friends or do some reading.
What do you do on rainy days? Listen to music or do some cooking.
What grade/year/etc are you in? Nine.
You receive good grades? Yeah.
What's your career path? Medical doctor (most likely, anaesthesiology or psychiatry) or something in journalism, writing, or literature.
What are some other interests of yours? Politics (I'm unashamedly left-wing but respect your views); philosophy; Latin American history; post-colonial literature
What is your favorite thing to do? To surf.
What is your least favorite thing to do? To sit in class, bored.
What's your favorite food? Sushi
What's your favorite drink? Coffee (the flat white is always the best)
Who would you like to meet living or dead? Salvador Allende
Who is your idol? My grandma (I can't disclose her life story, as it's quite specific and I could be doxxed -- but let's just say, she did quite a lot for gender equality in my country).
What is your favorite band? It's a toss-up between The Beatles, Arcade Fire, Massive Attack, and The Avalanches.
What is your favorite song? Clair de Lune, a classical music composition by Debussy.
How did you find this site? An embarrassing internet search on penis size... I'm not even ashamed.
What made you want to join? Who knows?
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