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Default Emotions?

Allow me to start off by saying, as I have said in previous posts, that I have emotions, I just lack the expressiveness to show them half the time. With that said, I was generally wondering if any of those dwelling on this forum would know how to deal with how an Aspie feels emotions, being that reactions to various emotions- frustration, anger, tension, sadness, and various others of the sort- are rather hard to act on, being that it is not particularly hard-coded into our personalities. I often suppress what I feel with music rather than actually acting on how I feel, which, again, is likely not healthy regarding emotional stability when I actually need to act on what I feel. Any advice?
(And, yes, as an addendum, I am aware that some Aspies are fully capable of acting out their emotions, though through experience regarding friends of that particular sort, it's learned and achieved rather than simply being regular action for that sort of emotion. Exceptions likely exist even for that, being that the psychology of a human being cannot be easily defined in words. The closer one gets to defining something about human psychology, the more variables about said definition crop up as wrong.)
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